Cleared for Takeoff

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Not asking for permission and learning to say no in a corporate setting may seem counterintuitive to long-term career growth (and it is, I’m not going to lie), but Cleared for Takeoff explains how to do it in a smooth and diplomatic manner which keeps everyone happy. 

Each of the 12 chapters in this e-book provide tried-and-tested strategies for pushing back at work so that you can travel more:

  • Introduction
  • How bad do you want it?
  • Stop trying to be a superstar at the office!
  • The art of pushing back at work
  • Create opportunities
  • Converting your desk job into a travel job 
  • The best travel jobs 
  • Warning: business travel sucks 
  • 3 more big sacrifices you can make to travel more 
  • Keep your trips short and focused 
  • Be productive while traveling 
  • Keep looking at the big picture

Upon completion of this book, you'll be thinking about the relationship between work and personal travel in a completely different way.

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Cleared for Takeoff

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